Destination Wedding Photographer for free!

Yeah, that's true. Nothing Fake. No cheesy stuff.

Hey, you two!

My name is Marc and I'm a full-time, professional wedding photographer from Hamburg, Germany.

I love to travel and my goal is to tell great wedding stories of incredible people in beautiful places. For this reason, I shoot one wedding of an amazing couple in an exotic location each year for free. It's a true win-win: You save lots of money and are able to book an excited photographer - and I get to fantastic sites to take great pictures for my portfolio. If that sounds good to you, I have the following suggestion:

- I will shoot your wedding for about 12 hours

- You will receive your edited photos in a beautiful online gallery

- You only have to pay for my flight + accommodation for about 3-5 days (no worries, I'll do all the booking stuff)

- You allow me to use all photos for marketing purposes

Still sounds great? Brilliant!